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The Central Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017
Chapter III
Rule No. Particulars
8   Application for registration

9   Verification of the application and approval

10   Issue of registration certificate

10A   Furnishing of Bank Account Details

10B   Aadhaar authentication for registered person

11   Separate Registrations for multiple business verticals within a State or a Union Territory

12   Grant of Registration to persons required to deduct tax at source or collect tax at source

13   Grant of registration to non-resident taxable person

14   Grant of registration to a person supplying online information and data base access or retrieval services from a place outside India to a non-taxable online recipient

15   Extension in period of operation by casual taxable person and non-resident taxable person

16   Suo moto registration

17   Assignment of unique identity number to certain special entities

18   Display of registration certificate and GSTIN on the name board

19   Amendment of Registration

20   Application for cancellation of registration

21   Registration to be cancelled in certain cases

21A   Suspension of registration

22   Cancellation of registration

23   Revocation of cancellation of registration

24   Migration of persons registered under the existing Law

25   Physical verification of business premises in certain cases

26   Method of authentication